Question: is there something genetic in creativity? Listening to the story of Valeria it sure looks like that. 

Young artist from Turin, Italy, she moved to Madrid few years ago. Since she was a kid was fascinated with her father’s drafting table and spent many hours with her grandma drawing and learning how to use watercolours. It’s no wonder that she studied Art. 

When we met she told me a story I can’t quite believe. Together with her father, she started a research about the history of their family. 

Digging around the family tree, they found out they had illustrators ancestors for four generations. But if that was not incredible enough, then consider this: they all used watercolours!

Now, looking at Valeria’s works there is no doubt…she has illustration in her DNA. 

The colours she uses are bright as she is. Her Instagram feed is full-colour and studded with her watercolour “100 sketches” collection, a goal she gave herself to complete through 2017. She’s not sure she’s gonna make it, but for us is an opportunity to see through her eyes a faraway land she visited this year...

Smiley and energetic, Valeria put all her grit in her works.

She always worked as a freelance, but for a short period she worked full-time for an agency. She understood it was not her ideal working situation. Maybe because she needs to feel challenged or simply because she couldn’t get her knees under a desk.  

“It’s a matter of choice, but this doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do everything all over again” she told me. 

Talking about the world of work, she explains me she thinks it’s natural to change, to try, to prove ourselves in different situations. We should enjoy the idea that in the future we’d do something very different from what we are doing now, instead of struggling to find a life-long job. 

Valeria is not afraid of going with the flow, just seeing what happens next. 

I think it’s no accident that at the center of most of her illustrations there is a woman. 

She strongly believes in women’s power, in their ability to overcome obstacles and to support each other. 

In conclusion: she is an illustrator, a dynamo and a though girl. We just can’t help loving her!  

Alessia Scognamiglio