Paul has drawn for as long as he can remember, on whatever he threw on. He was born in Ladispoli, overlooking the Mediterranean sea, with Rome at his back. 

In a nutshell, I would say that Paul doesn't take himself too seriously but takes seriously everything he commits to do. 

He made a pretty unusual path before becoming an illustrator. But his veering off course was not informed by confusion, rather by a boundless craving for life, as he wants to live more than one single existence. 

When he decided to enroll the Academy of Fine Arts he was about to set sail with a quite promising carreer in the Navy. Everybody thought he was going crazy, except that kid who drew on whatever he threw on and never stopped to walk by his side. That kid said it was worth a try. And thankfully, Paul listened to him.   

Today he works as freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

That hunger for life is sharper than before. His multifaceted personality leads him to engage in different projects. He faces each of them with brilliant versatility but always keeping his own style. 

Running into Paul taught me two very important things: it's never too late to start doing what you love and you make a living by doing what you love. 

The ocean is the main topic of his works: waves, fishes, lighthouses.  

Sea is the ever present theme of his daily life, his passion and his projects. It's a need rather than a choice, a call he cannot resist. 

 "Il mare ci sceglie da piccoli"

"Il mare ci sceglie da piccoli"

I think that what really makes Paul's creations unique is his way of thinking "out of the box", of representing the underlying meanings of things, and of transforming the ambiguity in art, delivering a shuffled version of reality. 

Settings are surrealistic and dreamlike. At a first glance, you think you get it, but a second after your eyes focus on a different perspective, like a Russian nesting doll game of meanings.  

Through his illustrations, Paul can be snarky, funny, smirk, he can make us think, and leave a mark. 

The voice of the kid we were is inside us. From time to time, hold his hand and just walk a little of your way together. 

Take the risk to be amazed by what he could tell you. 

Alessia Scognamiglio