Coming back from her college graduation in Media Science, Nadia picked up a piece of paper and, pretty unconsciously, started drawing. 

As a kid, when people asked what she was going to be she always proudly answered that she wanted to be a cartoonist. Growing up she eventually changed her mind and veer to a different idea of job. But, as is often the case, our true calls come back and knock at the door until we open. 

She can’t remember what she drew back from her graduation. “Most likely, I drew a woman” she tells me. What we know so far is that from that moment on she didn’t clamp down on what she really loved and she promised herself she would have tried at least. 

 self portrait

self portrait

It was hard and there’s still a great deal of difficult ground to cover, but thanks to her perseverance and infectious enthusiasm, Nadia proved herself as a professional illustrator. 

Many things happened since the moment she went back to crayons and markers, and something made her giving up a permanent contract job and diving in the freelance tricky world. “If I have to draw I want to do it my way, or I’ll rather be a farmer!” she explained me halfway between ironic and solemn.

What I really love of Nadia’s artworks is her way of choosing colours: bright, vivid, almost luminescent, never granted nor boring.She loves drawing women and seems to be able to translate whatever idea in a feminine body. From time to time, these leading ladies leave the stage for landscapes and architectural glimpses. 

I guess it was due to this versatility that she earned the cover page of The Big Lebowski | Art Collection, last issue by Edizioni del Frisco. 

 Roadmap to happiness

Roadmap to happiness

For Nadia, the creative inspiration comes from action, it’s a physical not contemplative act. Taking a walk, running, a whole morning spent gardening are the perfect activities to feel inspired. 

Nadia’s positive mindset is contagious.

When we end our conversation what I do know is this: no matter how hard it gets, we should always protect our dreams.

And give them a chance. 

Alessia Scognamiglio