He and She. It's the oldest yet never ending story. Love inspired music, poetry and any sort of art. When it comes to it, we  just can't stop looking for the perfect words, verses, colours to portray all the shades of our feelings. 

Truth is that Love is a whole universe with different shades of meaning that will never find its final and definitive expression. 

Everybody struggles trying to shape its own scrap. And sometimes it happens that one of these private struggles gives voice to the feelings and thoughts of many others.

guardarsi dentro

This is what happened to Gianluca with his drawings. Totally by chance. 

When I asked him how everything started, he told me that at the beginning he just needed to bring out something got him stuck in that particular moment. A sort of release from anguish, as it already happened with music when he used to compose and write songs.

For a long time he kept his works for himself. Then, he started thinking that maybe outside the four walls of his room, somebody else was feeling the same and sharing could have been a good way to help each other. 

But when he started his FB page, the amount of those "somebody elses" went pretty beyond his imagination: 20.000 followers in 3 weeks. 

"Just then, I realised that something was happening!" he naively told me. 

Gianluca is a sort of an outsider in the illustration world. He definitely prefers to look within himself rather than outside. He knows that he loves drawing and that's it. What comes next is a bizarre occurrence. 

For instance, his first book with Rizzoli will be out at Christmas, and he is still pretty dazed mentioning it. 

His characters have inherited a lot from the author. They are very honest and quite lost, like they just landed on a new planet. Almost drafted but yet very identifiable. Her long hair becomes ocean, sky, city and houses his fears and dreams. 

Dreaming, seeking for each other, getting lost. 

Through his metaphors, Gianluca is able to express the melancholia of an heartbreak, the joy of finding a soul mate, the sense peace we feel when our person loves us back. 

I think that the specific feature of Gianluca's work and what gives them power is that characters are portrayed as vulnerable and fragile, they are not afraid to show what we usually hide for fear of looking weak. 

It doesn't surprise me that, looking at those drawings, many people think "I feel exactly like this". 

In the vagueness of those profiles the beholder is free to see what his heart suggests him, and his life drops down them. 

Alessia Scognamiglio