Everything about Elisa is just delicate: her voice, her works, her name. 

I made up my mind I was going to tell her story since the first time I got my eyes on her women, ever present theme of her screenprint

Celestial, quivering, bright red females, who stand out clearly against the monochrome background, but in the same time show liquid contour, melted in a tangled mess with other elements. 

It might be worth spending hours and hours guessing the stories behind these women, their metamorphosis, their voluptuous lives. We might wonder what kind of love leads them to blend their borders with someone else's, if they are on the verge of a breakdown, almost giving up the human body to become another being because of a spell, or if they just came out of a dream. 

Whatever we could imagine, we'd always be off the truth. But when art reveals itself with no paraphrase, depending on the eye of the beholder there will be thousands of different stories and his heart will come out with what it wants to believe. 

When I asked Elisa why she is working with screen printing, an ancient and quite hard-working technique, she told me that she started after the Academy of Fine Arts to help a friend. They began with a very basic lab at home, with all the stencil frames around, hanging the prints with clothespin.  

Then, they founded a real studio, "Inamorarti", to hold workshops and classes about artwork. 

The studio is not active anymore, but Elisa keeps on working on her screen printings and her illustrations. She worked with The New York Times, the Goethe Institut, Mondadori, e/o Edizioni, La Stampa and many others. 

I asked her if she reminds of a particular moment of her life, even just an episode that marked a turning point in her artistic path. She told me of when, once out of the Academy, she felt the need to walk away from the hyper-realism she learned and to seek her own way of expression. 

She started drawing, over and over again, without thinking too much. Once finishing with one drawing, she threw the paper on the floor, took a blank paper and started again. The house was flooded with sheets of paper when Elisa decided she was satisfied with the result.  

This "scraping" has been a very important stage in her career, but Elisa prefers to point out that it wouldn't be possible without all the practice and the study behind.  

Before taking something out of the box, you should have put something inside.  

 Fiorendo. 2012.

Fiorendo. 2012.

Alessia Scognamiglio