Staying authentic, no matter what, is a brave choice. It's even more braver for those who choose to be true in all the contexts we think that making a compromise in natural and unavoidable.

Adriana is genuine, both as a woman and an artist, and the showstopper lingerie worn by her women is the only compromising thing you could find in her life. 

When she draws she tries to represent her idea of beauty and to make us see the world through her eyes. 

We are constantly harassed by thousands of inputs on how we should be, what we should like, how we should dress. We drift apart from reality until we forget what we really like, beside these rules. These stereotypes find a breeding ground in the fashion world, where Adriana started as shoes designer. 

In that environment, riddled of prejudices and gold diggers, it didn't take much for her to realise a simple yet unsettling truth: she was not happy there. 

So, what would you do if you suddenly understand that what you are doing and you had devoted all your energies to is not making you happy?

I tell you. 

At first, you would feel pretty sad. And actually it's what happened to Adriana. 

Then, you would have two possible choices. On one side, you could try to take your mind off, get rid of those thoughts and chase a fake happiness. 

On the other side, you could choose to stop, take stock of that truth something about it!

In a rainy afternoon (btw all my favourite stories start like this!) Adriana chose the second option. She took a piece of paper and started to do what she liked the most: drawing, without anyone telling her how to do it. 

She drew women. Beautiful, flawed, genuine, bootylicious. In one word, true. The way she like them.

At some point something weird happened: she felt she was happy. And from that moment on she never stopped. 

From the soft curves and tattooes, Adriana entered into her soul-searchingh, experimenting her style and bringing to life different characters. Beefy sailors, imaginary animals, mythical creatures. Her works are funny and blunt, just like her. Some of them ended up on some fans' skin, some others show off on a shop window in Bologna, some became a manifesto of equal love. 

Even looking for her personal style, Adriana decided to stay free enough to explore her possibilities, without stressing with the creation of a hallmark. Because everything changes and choices are what really makes us different and unique. Like the one that Adriana made few years ago in a rainy day. 

Alessia Scognamiglio