Dear Dude’s friends, we are beside ourselves with excitement to announce that there is a new fetish item you should add to your collection. 


The Big Lebowski | Art Collection is out now! 

A book illustrated by 68 artists coming from 21 countries in 152 pages filled with pure love for the cult movie born from Coen brothers’ genius.

The project was conceived and carried out by Francesco Ciaponi, with his little Edizioni del Frisco. We’re talking about that kind of publishers we like the most: young, independent and defiant. It’s just one more reason why we think The Big Lebowski | Art Collection is a must-have both for the movie enthusiasts and for illustrated publishing lovers. 

Francesco confessed me that when he opened the call for illustrators he couldn’t imagine it would have spread throughout the four corners of the earth. But yet, the idea found immediately a big support from a large number of people. They were just waiting for an excuse to pay their homage to a movie that marked the history of cinema and beyond!

The cover is all-Italian with the dancing Dude by Nadia Sgaramella, while the rest is filled with brand new artists coming from all over the world. 

It's no wonder, since Jeffrey the Dude Lebowski inspired even the emergence of a new religion: the dudeism, the slowest-growing religion of the world.  

 "That rug really tied the room together"

"That rug really tied the room together"

Dudeists advocate the practice of “going with the flow” in the face of life’s difficulties. A way to correct the society’s aggressive trend. In the movie, each time Dude is victim of unprovoked violence, he stays cool-headed or answer with some sort of sarcasm. 

The movie of The Big Lebowski pictures violence as being ridiculous, at every level, from the man who pees on the ‘really-tied-the-room-together’ carpet to the Vietnam vets, like Donny, who bully people as if they have the right. 

We gave you enough reason to get your copy of The Big Lebowski | Art Collection

We can’t wait to flip through ours and, meanwhile, we raise a toast with a good White Russian: long live Edizioni del Frisco!

Alessia Scognamiglio