Blurry fairytales

When I started DOTZ I knew I was going to run interview with people. I asked myself how should I have done it. Preparing questions? Taking notes? Recording and comb through one hour of conversation? Do these tricks make the stories more truthful?

I do not think so. 


I'm an old-fashioned storyteller. In other words, I'm more like a granny telling tales.

All the details get lost, but what really matters doesn't. 

I really love listening to people, see what they decide to tell me, without asking them questions that will force them to find a smart answer nobody cares about. In real life we don't take notes and we don't know upfront what we are going to ask people. 

After having a conversation with a person a want to tell about, I wait and I let the feelings settle. Then I write, maybe after few days, or weeks. 

I write about what I remember of that person and his or her story, what got me stumped, what made me think twice or found an echo in my experience.

So, this comes to a cost: the stories on DOTZ can be inaccurate. They are not just twists and turns of facts and dates. They are the emotional processing I made in my head. 

People will remember only what is worth remembering. 

I leave to serious magazines the charge of making serious interviews. 

Here we are doing something different. 



Alessia Scognamiglio